We’re rolling out the ‘green carpet’ for the 2024 SeaRoad Devonport Motor Show

The installation of a new irrigation system by the Devonport City Council in the Aikenhead Point area is great news for our SeaRoad Devonport Motor Show!

In recent years, the site has been hand-watered daily using irrigation pipes for 5–6 weeks leading up to the show. While these efforts by event organisers Rotary Club of Devonport North were marginally successful, they weren’t practical for people using the walkways.

This permanent irrigation system will improve the turf surface and enhance the site’s visual appeal. This means we’ll have a fantastic, dust-free surface to display vehicles.

Why is a dust-free turf so important?

Most vehicles we showcase have been developed by passionate owners who are often reluctant to put their prized vehicles on display if subjected to dust.

According to Rotary Club of Devonport North President Buz Green, “The club is very mindful of preparing an exemplary surface on which to present and display vehicles.”

Buz also emphasised that this new irrigation system will produce a great outcome for the motor show and significantly enhance the site for other events, including the New Year’s Eve fireworks.

“The Devonport Council has demonstrated much foresight in developing this facility,” Mr Green concluded.

Have you entered your vehicle yet?

Pre-entries for the 2024 SeaRoad Devonport Motor Show are rolling in quickly.

We already have a great selection of cars and bikes from around the state, ranging from the early 1900s to present day. There’s also a whisper about a special entrant from the world of Formula One – watch this space!

You’ll get to revisit some old favourites as well as one-of-a-kind vehicles never seen in a Tasmanian show until now.

Join this fantastic lineup by entering your vehicle now – it’s free!


Show entrant: 1947 Claremont Chevrolet Pickup (Tony Zito)

Rosco Holden: Australian Motorcycling legend

As a first for both the SeaRoad Devonport Motor Show and Tasmania, Rosco Holden will feature three of his rare factory bikes. Rosco, a prominent figure in Australian Motorcycling, is driven by a desire to safeguard motorcycle history.

His dedication to preserving the legacy of vintage bikes led him to establish the MX, Enduro & Dakar Museum in Horsham, Victoria. The museum stands as a testament to Rosco’s lifelong passion, showcasing his collection amassed over years, preserving the rich history of Motocross, Enduro, and Dakar racing.

Rosco is also the founder of “Holden On Tight”, an organisation born from his genuine commitment to the sport. Through this initiative, he fosters a sense of unity and kinship among motorcycling enthusiasts.

Be sure to stop for a chat with Rosco at the motor show this year and check out his vintage beauties listed below.

A true dream machine: 1975 Factory PK XR 75

Get a close-up look at Rosco Holden’s dream machine, a 1975 Factory PK XR 75 meticulously restored to pristine perfection.

Renowned as the sole existing 100% authentic 1975 Catalogue Perfect Example worldwide, this bike is as a testament to Rosco’s dedication and craftsmanship.

Sponsored by Victoria’s Premier Racing’s late Vic Muirhead, Rosco embarked on a restoration journey with his friend Daz Cheney. They devoted themselves to every intricate detail, recreating a true marvel of motorcycling heritage. 

1975 Factory PK XR 75 (Rosco Holden)

A piece of racing history: 1979 Factory DG Suzuki RM125N

Rosco Holden’s legendary 1979 Factory DG Suzuki RM125N is a machine steeped in racing heritage and brimming with unparalleled performance.

This exceptional bike boasts a remarkable racing history, having been part of Rosco’s journey at the World Minis in Saddleback back in 1979. Transitioning from a stock standard RM125N to this special D.G. Works bike, Rosco discovered its prowess firsthand. The bike’s exceptional handling in rough terrains, through berms, and over jumps left an indelible impression on him.

Engineered with precision, modifications from the D.G. factory in the US elevated its performance to an elite level and transformed this Suzuki into a racing prodigy.

1979 Factory DG Suzuki RM 125N (Rosco Holden)

A rare spectacle: 1978/79 Factory Works SR 380 Kawasaki

Never seen before in Tasmania, Rosco Holden will be showcasing the exceedingly rare Factory Works SR 380 Kawasaki – one of only two documented in the world!

This unique bike, showcased at Trevor Williams’s 1979 Mr Motocross Assault and once ridden by the likes of Gaylon Mosier and Jimmy Weinert, was lovingly resurrected after 40 years.

Every aspect of this bike speaks of its factory pedigree, from the lightweight sand-cast magnesium crankcases to the handcrafted expansion chamber and aluminium muffler. The bike’s attention to detail, like the woven-strand fibreglass fuel tank and die-cast magnesium wheels, showcases the dedication to performance.

1979 Kawasaki’s Factory KX 380 SR Motocrosser (Rosco Holden)

Got a mighty Mustang to exhibit?

This year marks 60 years of Mustang magic – a significant milestone for Mustang enthusiasts worldwide. So we’re revving up the excitement by featuring Mustangs as our Feature Marque of 2024.

The Ford Mustang, in production since 1964 and now in its seventh generation, holds the record as Ford’s longest-running car nameplate and ranks fifth in Ford’s best-selling cars. In fact, the Mustang’s popularity spurred competition from other American manufacturers and influenced the design of coupes globally.

3 cool facts about Mustangs

  1. Before the Mustang was given its famous title, many different names were considered. Among them were Cougar, Panther, Colt, Allegro, Comet, and Stiletto.
  1. The car’s success was beyond even Ford’s imagination. On the opening day, 22,000 units were sold, followed by several days of dealerships taking waiting lists.
  1. The most valuable Mustang to sell at auction was a 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake, which went for US$2.2 million in January 2019 – a small fortune since only this single test model was built.

Whether you’re a devoted owner or drawn by the Mustang’s timeless allure, this is your chance to showcase these legendary cars in all their glory.

We invite all Mustang enthusiasts to proudly display their prized vehicles, from classic beauties to modern marvels.

Join us at the Devonport Motor Show and let your Mustang steal the spotlight!

Enter yours here:


The one and only Shelby Mustang GT500 Super Snake (Road & Track)

Event details for our 2024 show

When: Sunday 24th March 2024, 9:00am – 3:00pm

Where: Aikenhead Point (at the northern end of Victoria Parade), Devonport

Patron entry fees:

Adults: $15 each
Children (under 16): FREE
Student card holders: FREE

Fees remain unchanged from the previous two years. All profits are distributed back into the community via worthy charities and selected National and International projects by event organiser, the Rotary Club of Devonport North.

For more information, check our website at www.devonportmotorshow.com.au or find us on Facebook!