Speed meets nostalgia at the 2024 SeaRoad Devonport Motor Show

They can be heard from miles away and are known as some of the fastest vehicles in the world, yet not many of us ever get the opportunity to get up close to a Formula One car.

Especially one with a rich racing history and celebrated podium finishes.

But in 2024, that’ll change with the 1989 Brabham F1 BT-58 making its grand appearance at the SeaRoad Devonport Motor Show.

Founded by Australia’s first Formula One world champion, Jack Brabham, the Brabham Racing Team holds a legacy in the world of motorsport.

After a brief absence from the grid in 1988, the Brabham team returned to the track for the 1989 Formula One World Championship with drivers Stefano Modena and Martin Brundle.

Modena recorded the Brabham team’s 120th and final podium finish at Monaco, following home the McLarens of Ayrton Senna in first place and teammate Alain Prost in second. In the same race, Brundle made history with a 6th place finish, marking it the last time both Brabham cars earned points in Formula One.

The BT-59 replaced the BT-58 chassis after the opening rounds of the 1990 F1 World Championship season. Then, after sitting dormant for over a decade, this iconic BT-58 underwent a meticulous restoration.

By 2023, its new Tasmanian owners had brought it back to life, ensuring its legacy lives on for enthusiasts and historians alike. Powered by a roaring 3.5L Judd-V8 engine, this racer produces over 650hp at 11,500rpm, with a curb weight of 525kg, and is matched to a 6-speed manual gearbox.

At this year’s Motor Show, you’ll have the chance to enjoy an incredible part of history as we unveil the majestic BT-58 – the last podium-finishing F1 Brabham car ever.

1989 Brabham BT-58 F1

Event details for this year’s show

What: 2024 SeaRoad Devonport Motor Show, proudly presented by the Rotary Club of Devonport North, featuring more than 500 vehicles and attracting thousands of motor enthusiasts from all over the country

When: Sunday 24th March 2024, 9:00am – 3:00pm

Where: Aikenhead Point, Devonport (at the northern end of Victoria Parade)

Vehicle entry: It’s FREE to pre-enter your vehicle up to 17th March (plus you and one passenger are also entitled to free entry on the day). Simply head to our website and fill out your details via the “Enter Your Vehicle” button. Vehicles entering on the day will pay a show entry fee of $15.00

Show entry: These remain unchanged from the previous two years

Adults: $15 each
Children (under 16): FREE
Student card holders: FREE

Facilities: We’ll have a popular selection of food trucks, coffee vans, trade displays, and a range of entertainment for kids, including rides and face painting (vendor charges will apply)

St Johns Ambulance will also be in attendance

Show entrant: 1975 SLR5000 Torana (Chris Absolom)

Bringing a 1970 Caprice back to its full Chevy glory

At this year’s show, don’t miss the meticulously restored 1970 Chevrolet Caprice – a classic beauty with a captivating history.

Manufactured in November 1970 by General Motors Corporation in the USA, this Chevy found its way into the hands of its current owner, Hilda Bishop, in 1985 after being discovered at a Queensland dealership.

Serving as a daily driver until a collision sidelined it in 1994, the Caprice patiently waited undercover until 2010, when its journey to restoration began. With parts sourced from the USA and around Australia, this vintage gem has been resurrected to its full Chevy glory.

Removing its weathered vinyl roof revealed a stunning original gold hue, expertly replicated in a flawless respray. Beneath the hood, the Caprice boasts a rebuilt and reconditioned 8-cylinder 454 motor, equipped with four barrels delivering an impressive 345 horsepower at 4800 rpm and 390 hp at 5400 rpm.

Don’t miss the chance to appreciate this timeless icon at the 2024 SeaRoad Devonport Motor Show.

1970 Caprice Chevrolet (Hilda Bishop)

Sculpted in timber: a BMW R65 that defies convention

Step into the world of imagination with the custom-built BMW R65 from ‘Atomic Contraptions.’ Crafted by designer and photographer Andrew Knott in Hobart, Tasmania, this café racer is a visual symphony of wooden details and subtle steampunk influences.

Known as ‘Ultraleicht,’ it’s sure to make an impression at this year’s show. 

This two-wheeled masterpiece draws inspiration from BMW’s aircraft history, mirroring the need for lightness and nimbleness.

With a handmade aluminium fuel tank, intricate timberwork reminiscent of early aircraft propellers, and aluminium inlays seamlessly integrated throughout, every detail reflects Andrew’s passion for handcrafted aesthetics. The brass accents, colour-changing LED backlight speedo, and rewired Bluetooth-capable Motogadget controller showcase the fusion of classic charm and modern innovation.

Be sure to check out this unique blend of craftsmanship and design at the 2024 show.

BMW R65 “Ultraleicht” (Andrew Knott) credit: BIKEEXIF

Three years of support from the VJMC

The Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club (VJMC) are again proud to support the Rotary Club of Devonport North in conducting this year’s event.

As one branch of a worldwide club, the Australian VJMC is a not-for-profit community association operated in an informal and friendly manner by a committee of volunteers. Their primary aim is to foster the preservation, restoration, riding, and enjoyment of ownership of Japanese motorcycles more than 15 years old.

There’s no requirement to own a motorcycle to join. The club welcomes any rider to its events, whether on a vintage Japanese bike or not.
For more information, visit their Australian branch website.

The milestones and memories of Devonport’s Motor Show

The original Devonport Car Show and Swap Meet, launched by Devonport North Rotarian Ian Murcott in 2007, has evolved remarkably over the years.

Initially featuring just 60–70 vehicles, the event quickly gained momentum. By 2009, under new leadership and rebranded as the Devonport Motor Show, the event saw a significant increase in vehicles and fundraising.

Each year, the Rotary Club of Devonport North members have adapted and evolved the show to attract larger crowds. We created a lot of noise in 2012 with a dyno machine to test cars for maximum horsepower. And we hosted a Saturday night function in both 2011 and 2012 to encourage more visitors to enjoy a longer stay in Devonport. 

Despite challenges, including one weather-related cancellation in 2018 and another cancellation in 2020 due to COVID-19, the show has persisted thanks to our hard-working committee and unwavering support from local sponsors.

Over the years, major sponsors have included Gowan’s Toyota, Supercheap, TT Line, Knight Frank, and SeaRoad. In addition, Chas Kelly has been our largest contributor as sponsor, logistic support and vehicles.

The event reached a pinnacle in 2017 by showcasing the EFIJY Holden’s concept car, drawing substantial crowds and close to 700 display vehicles, and generating record-breaking funds.

Subsequent years saw a move to exhibiting vehicles in the Paranaple Centre to accommodate COVIDSafe protocols before relocating to the prime location at Aikenhead Point in 2022 and enjoying a surge in motorbike entrants.

The Devonport Motor Show now stands as a premier motor show in Tasmania, continually evolving while contributing significantly to the community.