DMS clocks up more than a quarter of a million in charity!

DMS clocks up more than a quarter of a million in charity!

We are delighted to tell you that the 2019 Motor Show raised more than $50,000.  Our chosen charities for this event were:

  1. Food Plants Solutions
  2. Rotary Health
  3. Whitelion
  4. Action against homelessness

This takes the total amount raised in the show’s 13 year history to more than $250,000.

Our members have been out presenting cheques during the past month.

Rotary club of Devonport North President Ian MacLeod said it was a great feeling to see the cheques handed over.

“A huge amount of time, planning and organisation goes into each of our shows…we want to provide a highly entertaining event which appeals to people of all ages, but we never lose sight of the reason we do it – to raise money for organisations who make a tangible difference to the lives of those less fortunate than us,” Ian said.

Key work of our charities:

  • Food Plant Solutions is an international project which tackles malnutrition by creating education programs to teach people to understand the connection between plants and nutrition.

  • Our donation to Rotary Health has gone towards ongoing research, awareness raising and education about mental health.

  • The NW Whitelion program supports at-risks youths in three key areas:

  • Mentoring

  • Work-read youth program

  • Prison Through Care program

  • Action Against Homelessness is a Devonport-based community organisation dedicated to providing safe, supported and affordable housing for people who are homeless or vulnerable to homelessness in the Devonport region