February Newsletter

Will we see you there?

Registrations are open for this year’s event. Please jump online here www.devonportmotorshow.com and register today. With early registration, we’re able to make sure we keep all makes and models together for a better experience for those attending the Motor show. Have a question about registration?? Shoot us an email at [email protected]

EFIJY is coming to Devonport Motor Show

As you know this year’s feature vehicle for the Devonport Motor Show is Holden and to say that we’re excited to have Holden Efijy as one of our main attractions would be an understatement! Efijy is a concept vehicle built by Holden and debuted at The Australian International Motor Show in 2005. It has been in high demand as a show vehicle since this time and now you can see it in Devonport.

Modeled on the Holden FJ the concept is based on the Chevrolet Corvette floor pan, a 6.0-litre V8 engine with Roots supercharger putting out 480 kW (644 hp) at a little shy of 6500 r.p.m. It rides on an air suspension system that lowers the car when the car is stopped and has electronic instrumentation including a multi-use display screen that disappears into the dash.

The Rising Suns

We’re excited to announce The Rising Suns from the Australian Army Band will be our feature entertainment act for this year’s event. You’ll find them on the main stage throughout the day where they will be playing lots of great tunes to tap your toes along to.

The main stage area is a wonderful refueling point for those at the Motor Show and you’ll find some great local food vendors in this same area. The Devonport Motor Show is a day for the whole family and The Rising Suns are a great addition to this year’s event.

Meet the Committee – Rod Owers There are many devoted and dedicated committee members who spend hours putting together the Devonport Motor Show – so this year we thought that we’d introduce you to a few of them..

What is your position with the Devonport Motor show? Coordinator for all pre-entry registrations

How long have you been involved with DMS? Committee member for 9 Years

How long have you been a Rotary Club member? 32 Years

What’s your ‘dream car’? My current mode of transport, a Moke Ute built from a bare shell, a joint effort by my son Greg and myself. 2nd and last choice would be a 3-wheeler Morgan.

What was your first car? Morris Mini 850.