The countdown is on the 2023 SeaRoad Devonport Motor Show!

Excitement is building as we count down to the 2023 SeaRoad Devonport Motor Show!

Thank you to the 400 people who have pre-entered a vehicle to date!

For those who haven’t entered yet – what are you waiting for?!  Simply log onto and complete your details. This entitles you – and one passenger – to free entry on the day.

Pre-entries close on 20 March.

You can still enter on the day, but will need to pay a $15 entry fee (for each person in the vehicle) – unless they are student card holders or under 16.

Those who pre-enter prior to 20 March will receive an email advising their vehicle number and directions for arrival on the day.

‘Christine’ – She’s beautiful, she’s feisty and she’s a bit dangerous!

When Somerset’s Mat Eastwood first saw the 1983 Stephen King horror movie ‘Christine’ at aged 12 he fell instantly in love with the main character – Christine. 

She was an absolute beauty – feisty and dangerous…she was also a car! A Classic red and white 1958 Plymouth Fury.

“I fell in love with the music, the car and the era watching that movie,” Mat said.

“From then on, I always dreamt about owning a 58 Plymouth, but never thought that day would come.”

The movie ‘Christine’ follows the life changes of Arnie Cunningham, his friends, his family, and his teenage enemies after he buys ‘Christine’ – a car that seems to have a mind of its own as well as a jealous, possessive personality.

Mat purchased ‘Christine’ about six years ago, following a rigorous facebook stalking campaign!

“I started sending messages to people asking them if they would be interested in selling them…I fell in love with a car in Albury Wodonga – the owner had purchased it 10 years earlier and restored her to a beautiful condition,” Mat said.

“He took me for a drive in it and I almost had my wallet out of my trousers before we pulled up!”

Since his purchase, Mat’s obsession has only grown – he continues to collect memorabilia, including autographed DVDs, original screenplays and a jacket given to him by the crew.

“One of the highlights was sending my glovebox lid to America and getting four of the cast to sign it and send it back for me. They took pictures of themselves doing this!” he said.

He has also had the privilege of meeting some cast members.

“I flew to Adelaide to meet two of the cast that were flown down to Australia by a guy who is also very passionate about the car and movie,” Mat said.

“It was good to meet them and talk to them and get a few more autographs on some of my special items.”

‘Christine’ is not-to-be-missed at this year’s show!

Photo: ‘Christine’ – a replica from the 1983 Stephen King movie of the same name, will feature at this year’s show.

‘Herbie’ can’t wait to meet everyone!

Devonport’s Harley Henderson gets a real thrill from restoring vintage cars. 

But his latest project has been extra special – the restoration of a 1963 Volkswagon Beetle ‘Herbie’ – a replica from the famous movies of the 1960s – 70s.

And who would have thought he would find the enigmatic VW on gumtree!

“I put a ‘wanted’ ad on gumtree and said I was willing to travel…but I ended up buying him locally!” Harley said.

“When I bought him he’d already had some work done, but needed loads more to get him back on the road again,” he said.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Harley also found out about a special one-day event as part of Targa Tasmania – and decided Herbie should enter.

“So what had meant to be a five year restoration project became a five month project!” he said.

“We made Targa 2022 and loved every minute of it. Even with some makeshift bumpers on him and loads of weight over the front wheels to keep him grounded.”

Harley said Herbie was getting dressed up for the Devonport Motor Show and was looking forward to seeing everyone!

Photo: ‘Herbie’ the Love Bug will appear at this year’s show.

DMS partnership with Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club of Tasmania continues in 2023

Following the success of the 2022 show, we have again partnered with the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club (VJMC) of Tasmania Inc to continue to showcase the evolution of the motorcycle.

The VJMC is a not-for-profit, community association operated by a committee of volunteers in an informal and friendly manner. Their primary objective is one of fostering the preservation, restoration, riding and enjoyment of ownership of Japanese motorcycles more than 15 years old.

2022 crowd favourites Jack Ehret’s 1951 Black Lightning, 1928 TT Scott (the flying squirrel) and an impressive range of Hondas will also return for this year’s show.

DMS thrilled to host superbike royalty Mal Campbell at 2023 show!

The SeaRoad Devonport Motor Show is thrilled to host two-time Australian Superbike Champion Malcolm Campbell along to the 2023 show, along with his Honda RC30 VFR750R.

The VFR750R is a fully faired, solo-seat-only racing motorcycle Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) approved for the World Superbike Championship. The bike was first released onto the Japanese market in 1987, then Europe in 1988 and the USA in 1990. Only 3000 were ever made.

The bike’s engine is a 748 cc 16-valve gear driven double overhead camshaft liquid-cooled RC24-derived 90° V4. It produces 75.94 hp (56.63 kW) at 9,500 rpm for the restricted Japanese model and 118 hp (88 kW) at 11,000 rpm elsewhere.

It also contains race-inspired components, including titanium connecting rods that reduce reciprocating weight (50 g or 1.8 oz lighter and eight times the cost) and gear driven camshafts. The engine firing configuration is very different from the road-going VFR750F from which it was derived with a 360° big bang crank arrangement instead of the smoother 180°.

This feature produces a very broad spread of power and is coupled to the close ratio gearbox which has an extremely high first gear ratio (0- 82 mph).

Slowing down is made easier with a slipper clutch, and impressive braking capability for the era.

In addition to his Australian Superbike success, Malcolm also won the prestigious Castrol Six Hour event, the Swann International Series Championship in 1983, won events at Bathurst, as well as many other state and national titles.

Photo: The SeaRoad Devonport Motor Show is thrilled to host two-time Australian Superbike Champion Malcolm Campbell at this year’s show.

Other bikes to look out for at this year’s show…

  • TV 7466 1933 Brough Superior SS80 De Luxe: Since being purchased, this bike has had a correct Jaeger speedo installed, as well as the correct float chamber, rear sprocket and rear carrier. The machine has all matching numbers (tank, gearbox, engine and frame). It is a very rare specification having a B&D frame, detachable cylinder heads and an SS100 exhaust system, all as per the ‘works record card.’ It is a delight to ride – handles well and the 4-cam motor starts easily and pulls well. It is complimented by a 4-speed gear boxc
  • Grey Flash: One of the original 3 road-going Grey Flashes ever built – but it comes in two configurations – the road model as it is now, or it can be converted to a race configuration with racing footrests. There is also an exceptionally rare 5 speed racing Albion Gearbox which can be fitted easily for racing. Further more it even has the original Dural racing mudguards and TT carburettor fitted to it still.
  • 1928 TT Scott: One of only 8 ever made.

Borys Zagrocki – Extreme Bicycle Stunts

The SeaRoad Devonport Motor Show is delighted to host internationally renowned extreme bicycle stuntman Borys Zagrocki at the 2023 show.

Originating from Europe, Borys has more than 20 years of international experience. He is a professional mountain biker and trail bicycle rider, performer and instructor.

Borys has been riding for over 17 years, starting in Europe and developing his skills throughout Asia and Australia.

He holds 2 Australian National Elite Championships and performs regularly around Australia and overseas.

Check out his facebook page at:

Photo: Extreme bicycle stuntman Borys Zagrocki will wow crowds at this year’s show.

We are a proudly smoke-free event!

To minimise risk to both our entered vehicles and patrons on the day, the Devonport Motor Show is a proudly smoke-free event.

We would appreciate it if you could also leave your skateboardspush bikes and scooters at home.

Thanks for your understanding.

Our Sponsors

The SeaRoad Devonport Motor Show is also supported by the Tasmanian Government through Events Tasmania.