2020 Devonport Motor Show – We’re moving!

2020 Devonport Motor Show – We’re moving!

Yep, that’s right – the 2020 Devonport Motor Show is moving…but only down the road!

Devonport Motor Show 2020

With Devonport’s Living Centre Project now in full swing, we are moving our show to the Northern end of Victoria Parade – stretching from the Vietnam Veterans memorial carpark, and west along the foreshore to Fenton Street.

Our show will also extend to the grassed area in front of the Bass Strait Maritime Centre.

This area – while outside the CBD, will offer us space to stretch out, and will offer much better parking options for patron and exhibitors.

The outlook over Bass Strait is simply stunning, and the Bluff playground is just a two minute walk down the footpath for the kids.

We are currently considering a range of options in terms of public transport between the Spirit of Devonport ferry terminal, the CBD, and our show – we will keep you posted!

Our position for future shows remains a moving feast as Living City works continue, but we are excited about our 2020 home and look forward to making it a big success!